Tim Davis has been painting murals and impressing clients for over 20 years. He doesn't simply paint a wall, but has the uncanny ability to evoke emotion in a visual space. He believes there is a place for a mural in any home, whether it be traditional or contemporary design. His biggest strength is in his ability to draw upon a whole range of styles from old world European, to rustic contemporary, to ultramodern. The mural process can be very exciting because there are so many options customizable to your own personal taste. Unique and original art can add an exquisite sense of completion to a space when it is done right. Tim paints landscapes, sky murals, trompe l'œil, textural panels, blacklight murals and all kinds of other subjects in photo realistic detail or masterful stylization. (See murals for more examples.)

Sinema Restaurant, Nashville | Anderson Design Studio

Robb & Stucky Interior Design Showroom, Naples Florida


Tim also paints oil paintings on canvas. Most of them are commissioned by homeowners or interior designers to add a focal point to the room. The benefits of commissioning a painting is the ability to have complete control over the subject, size, colors and style of the piece. Tim has also painted for several galleries and sells prints of his work. (See paintings for more examples.)

Oil Painting | Third on Canvas Auction | Port Royal Club



No home makeover would be complete without faux finishes and modern wall textures. Your home should inspire you. Flawlessly applied, these materials can add much more depth to walls and ceilings than just paint alone. Tim Davis Murals' crew works in lusterstone, metallics, venetian plaster, wood graining, faux stone, marble dust, metal leaf, glass beads and other proprietary color layers, incorporating cutting edge techniques and patterns that work with current design trends. The goal of these textural accents is to create an effect fit for the pages of an interior design magazine. Tim Davis Murals' work has been in many publications including Home & Design Magazine and, and will soon have work featured in Faux Effects World Magazine (issue 22). (See Wall Finishes for examples.)


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Tim Davis Murals

Nashville, Tennessee (Also serving Brentwood, Franklin, Belle Meade, Hendersonville and all of middle Tennessee)

Naples, Florida (Also serving Fort Myers, Key West, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, and all of south Florida)

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